Aaron Buzzard
an ER Doctor’s time in Iraq

You might be wondering who I am

I am 33 years old and have been married to my wife Denise Buzzard for 14 of those. We had our first child, Sean 3 years ago and Denise is currently pregnant due in May 2008. We live in the Hill Country of Killeen, Texas. I just finished a 3 year Emergency Medicine Resident Darnall Army Hospital at Ft Hood, TX

I am currently a captain in the US Army and serving as a flight surgeon/emergency physician in Iraq. I am stationed at Camp Anaconda in Balad, (north of Baghdad). I spend the day in my clinic, and in the evenings I am either at the gym, pool or working in the Level 1 trauma center here. There is a lot of head and neck trauma. I will include some more photos in the future. Check back soon

I grew up in Friendswood Texas and graduated from that High School in 1992. That following September, I enlisted in the US Army. I was initially a Air Defense Artillerymen, but I grew bored with this rapidly and re-trained to become a combat medic. I was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas for the majority of my tour but after 3 years of active duty, I went into the National Guard. In July 1995 we moved to Pueblo, Colorado to attend college. During that time, I worked as an EMT, combat medic in the Guard, and an Ophthalmic Technician while completing my Associates Degree.

We then moved to College Station, Texas to attend Texas A&M University. I worked as an ER Technician/EMT and a Phlebotomist while completing my degree. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2000. I completed medical school at the University ofTexas Medical School at San Antonio in 2004.



6 Responses to “You might be wondering who I am”

  1. Hey Aaron!

    This is your cousin from Grand Prairie Texas. I’m glad you are doing well and I look forward to reading your blog.

    Stay safe.


  2. Hi Arron.

    Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed the emails and I have also passed them on to some of our friends.

    So keep up the good work and stay safe.

    Aunt Bernice

  3. I ran on the Cross Country team for the Woodlands……….long time ago. My beloved is there with you and my cousin is at a nearby FOB. My prayers are with you and your family….Leisel

  4. Hi Aaron, my name is Estela, I am a respiratory therapist on the graveyard shift at a small hospital on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida. Your blog is terrific, I want to personally thank you for using all those years of schooling for the good of our country. I see everyday at our hospital how difficult it is to rotate, go to school and make the grade. You have done all that, and you could be out here getting rich, yet you choose to help your fellow servicemen and the people of Irack, in my view you and all your co-workers deserve a medal. I know that we often forget we are still over their fightitng a war, but blogs like your help to bring it home. Again, thank you, and may god bless you and all the men and women who sacrifice time away from their loved ones to help others and protect our country.

  5. We are all very proud of everyone over there and want to thank you all for all of your hard work and loyalty. I served in the Army for eights years in the first gulf war, I was attached to the 217th Evac Hospital out of Ft Sam Houston.

    Great Blog and I have enjoyed reading your stories. Our ranch is in Iola, Texas near College Station and we have a house in Houston so know all of the places you mention. Hope to read your home soon and best of luck with your growing family!

  6. Aarron,

    Gennie sent me your blog. Amber and I will keep you and those around you in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do and pass on a thank you to everyone there.

    Staton Shed

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