Aaron Buzzard
an ER Doctor’s time in Iraq

Week 2

Hello everyone, I am settled in in my trailer home, (see second photo). It is pretty basic, bed, locker but at least it has A/C. I bought a rug for the floor and am using my footlocker as a desk and table. I usually only sleep there, because I am in the office till about 9pm.

My daily routine looks like it will be; 6:30am wake up, clean up go to the office to see sick call, walk to the chow-hall for breakfast (pineapple and yogurt with juice). I see patients on appointment till around 1230, eat lunch (a sandwich), see patients or admin stuff. Go to the gym/run/swim. Eat dinner (chicken, meatloaf whatever) back in the clinic, more admin. Then I watch TV, or play Xbox till around 9pm. Go to my trailer (Trailer trash!!) and watch a movie or read a book. Not too bad.

We got hit the other day. I didn’t hear it, but when I walked back too my room that evening, everyone was watching the smoke from the fire it started (see photo). No one got hurt. Here’s the cool part, we can tell which way the attack is from (radar) and dispatched aerial recon vehicles from our unit and hanger. We found the guys loading a mortar for some more shots and the predator took them all out with a Hellfire missile, we watched the video feed at the next meeting. That’s the unit I am taking care of…..finally a satisfying job.

talk to you next week.


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